Key figures
We show stable growth due to many factors: the use of new technologies, established processes, high-quality risk management, expansion into the new regions. The launch of our product in a new country takes less than 6 weeks.
After 2020, the company has returned to the precrisis growth rates and continues to increase them. The compound annual growth rate for 2017-2021 period is 17%.
Revenue 2021
New borrowers annual growth rate (2021 by 2020)
Repeat borrowers (New customers in 2021, who took out second and more loans)
Loans issued since 2014
Investment Partner
Lime loans are available for investment through this P2P partner - Bondster is a Czech FinTech start-up that offers investments in loans
Professional talk
Like no one else, we know all pitfalls of building business from scratch, so we are ready to share our experience.
Jaco Coetzee
MD South Africa
Maksim Ivanov
MD Mexico
Kevin Hurley